“Before you can judge whether or not a
behavior should be changed, you have to know precisely what the behavior is.”

Does your child or student have”behavior problems”? Do you, as a parent or teacher, find yourself giving into disruptive and possibly explosive behavior in order to see it end? Do you witness behavior and think to yourself “How do I ignore that?!”

What many fail to realize or understand is that behavior, good or bad, is a form of communication. BRITE Success LLC can help! We can provide the tools needed to first, identify the “triggers” or reasoning behind uncontrollable, explosive, and sometimes violent behaviors as well as give you the tools to prevent these types of behavior from occurring at home and in the classroom.

Below are a few areas that BRITE Success LLC can help with regard to Behavior:

  • Behavior is Communication
  • Understanding The ABC’sHow do I ignore That!?
    • Antecedent – What occurs before the behavior.
    • Behavior – the actual measurable activity/response.
    • Consequence – what follows the behavior that makes it stop or persist.
  • Understanding Behavior as Function