“Transition is the creating and building of a person’s life by integrating the past and present into the future.”  Excerpt from Becoming Remarkably Able, by Jackie Marquette PhD

There are many questions a parent or teacher needs to be asking themselves regarding their child’s transition into adulthood:

  • What do you envision for your child’s future?
  • Where will she live?
  • Will he work? If so, what career or occupational path do you and he envision?
  • Where will she spend her free time?
  • What about friendships, a love relationship?
  • Most importantly, what are your child’s hopes and dreams for the future? Do you know?

Whether we want to admit or not, the future is coming, it is inevitable. The best way to approach this transition is to create a plan addressing post secondary education, training, employment, and independent living. A positive transition into adulthood is to ensure that “any person with any disability can deeply feel or say, ‘I belong; I matter; I am accepted’”. (Jackie Marquette)