My Friend with Autism: A Coloring Book for Peers and Siblings

by Beverly Bishop and Craig Bishop

My Friend with Autism is a coloring book to help peers and siblings understand autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. It is the exceptional result of a parent’s determination to help her special needs son fit in with his peers, and to foster tolerance and understanding among her son’s friends and schoolmates. Author Beverly Bishop teaches high school computer classes and is the technology coordinator for a private K-12 school. She wrote My Friend with Autism for the teachers and students in her son’s elementary school class. By helping others understand autism, she is able to encourage tolerance and\ a positive approach to classroom integration for special needs children.

This is Asperger Syndrome

by Elisa Gagnon and Brenda Smith Myles, Illustrated by Sachi Tahara

This Is Asperger Syndrome introduces siblings, peers and other children to the everyday challenges faced by children with Asperger Syndrome at home or at school. Written for children ages 6-12, the book may be read independently by older children and serves as an excellent springboard for further discussion led by parents and teachers. A special section, “Notes on Asperger Syndrome,” at the end of the book summarizes the major characteristics of Asperger Syndrome.


Tobin Learns to Make Friends
by Diane Murrell

In this delightfully illustrated children’s book, Tobin the red engine learns the important lessons of how to make friends. Demonstrating many of the social skills deficits of children on the autistic spectrum, Tobin learns through incidents involving shouting, crowding, sharing, borrowing, interrupting, taking turns, being kind, having good manners, and following rules. This charming and sensitive book is written and illustrated by a mother of four sons, one of whom has Asperger Syndrome

Amazingly… Alphie: Understanding and Accepting Different Ways of Being

by Roz Espin, Illustrated by Beverly Ransom

In this brightly illustrated book, readers are introduced to Alphie, a computer that is “wired differently” and therefore has trouble fitting in and performing successfully. After beginning to doubt his self-worth and his ability to do anything right, Alphie finally meets a human, Chris, who has been hired to fix the malfunctioning computers in the lab. Chris’ patient and accepting approach totally changes Alphie’s life. Instead of feeling incompatible and useless, Alphie starts to realize that being different is what makes him special, and soon he is free to use his abilities to their fullest -free to be who he was meant to be. This book, written for children ages 8 and up, fosters tolerance and acceptance while celebrating differences. It is a perfect addition to any family and school reading.


Since We’re Friends, An Autism Picture Book by Celeste Shally

Since We’re Friends: An Autism Picture Book is written for typical children about peers with autism. Within that genre, it’s one of the better books out there. Told from the point of view of a typical boy, it describes a variety of scenarios in which an autistic friend might have a tough time — and offers practical solutions for smoothing and improving relationships.


A is For Autism, F is for Friend

A Kid’s Book on Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism

by Joanna L. Keating-Velasco

“A Kid’s Book on Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism” is the main focus of this book written for ages 8-12. This book is a great starting place for a program focusing on autism awareness.



A Friend Like Simon – Autism / ASD

(Moonbeam childrens book award winner 2009) – Special Stories Series 2

When an autistic child joins a mainstream school, many children can find it difficult to understand and cope with a student that is somewhat ‘different’ to them. This story encourages other children to be mindful and patient of the differences that exist and to also appreciate the positive contribution that an autistic child can make to the group.

My Social Stories Book by Carol Gray

Over the last decade, Carol Gray’s social stories approach has become established as a highly effective way of teaching social and life skills to children on the autism spectrum. Taking the form of short narratives, the stories in My Social Stories Book take children step-by-step through basic activities such as brushing your teeth, taking a bath and getting used to new clothes. It also helps children to understand different experiences such as going to school, shopping and visiting the doctor. These stories are written for preschoolers aged from two to six, and the book is a useful primer for all young children – but most especially those on the autism spectrum. My Social Stories Book contains over 150 stories, and illustrated throughout with line drawings by Sean McAndrew, which form a visual counterpart to the text. A helpful introduction explains to parents and carers how to get the most out of the book.

Andy and His Yellow Frisbee- Written and Illustrated by Mary Thompson

A heartwarming illustrated children’s book about Andy, a boy with autism. Like many children with autism, Andy has a fascination with objects in motion. It’s Andy’s special talent for spinning his frisbee combined with a new classmate’s curiosity about his behavior that sets this story in motion. Rosie, the watchful and protective sister, supplies background on Andy and autism, as well as a sibling’s perspective.

My Friend with Autism: A Coloring Book for Peers and Siblings

By Beverly Bishop and Craig Bishop

This is Asperger Syndrom

By Elisa Gagnon and Brenda Smith Myles, Illustrated by Sachi Tahara

Tobin Learns to Make Friends

By Diane Murrell

Amazingly….Alphie: Understanding and Accepting Different Ways of Being

By Roz Espin, Illustrated by Beverly Ransom

Since We’re Friends, An Autism Picture Book

By Celeste Shally

A is for Autism, F is for Friend

A Kid’s Book on Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism

By Joanna L. Keating-Velasco

A Friend Like Simon-Autism/ASD

Moonbeam children’s book award winner 2009- Special Stories Series 2

By Kate Gaynor